Original Charter hung, Pope Francis Approves!


Today we hung our restored original charter in O’Reilley Hall, along with lowering our Past Grand Knight Plaque so readers could easily see it.

You would see this in the horizontal if possible, however the developers at Microsoft want to create their software with bugs in it so they can continue to frustrate the general users of their product and therefore make something so simple be so hard.

What a picture!

Tonight, I received the photos from our officer installation in July.  The picture attached to this post amazed me.  What a nice photo, a priest, a boy who adores him, the American Flag, reading in a church!  Norman Rockwell could not have found a better cover photo!

Father and Zach

2015 Community Picnic

IMG_7805 IMG_7807 IMG_7812 IMG_7820



Today we had a great day for our annual community picnic, held for the first time in many years on the campus of St. Peter’s!  Fr. Deziel’s backyard proved to be a wonderful place to hold the picnic and celebrate our community together!  Thanks for Terry Thelen, Mark Slaikeu, Frank Schultz, Walter Polchowne, Paul Otte, and Gene Houle for making this event a success!


Knights Honor Kathryn Lien, Longtime St. Peter’s Liturgical Minister

Today the Knights honored Kathryn Lien, longtime Liturgical Minister at St. Peter’s and big supporter of the Knights.  Kathryn retired June 14th!  Kathryn was a big part in planning our annual Mass for the Deceased and making this such a beautiful ceremony.  Kathryn will be missed and we sent her off with best wishes on her new adventures!